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Camp $tart-Up

Become your own boss

Camp $tart-Up® offers teens (ages 14-18) the opportunity to exercise your entrepreneurial spirit through a fun, fast, practical, hands-on learning experience that develops confidence and leadership skills. You’ll learn how to translate your interests and dreams into enterprise and independence.   

Working in small teams with teens from around the world, you’ll create a company, business plan and power point presentation. You’ll meet successful business owners and go on field trips to get a first hand look at how they established and built their companies. And you’ll return home filled with entrepreneurial ideas for your own future.  The skills you learn and apply at Camp $tart-Up will help you take charge of your life – in school, in business, and in the world.

At Camp $tart-Up, our approach is creative, unpredictable and fun! Games, role playing, and laughter are an integral part of our learning activities. In addition, we balance the business curriculum with recreational activities in the afternoon.  With full access to the athletic facilities at each site, you can enjoy swimming, volleyball and more – for example a golf clinic or a yoga session.  Evening programs may include a night of videos, an impromptu talent show, or a concert. An excursion to a nearby city or tourist attraction for sight-seeing and (fun, relaxation, other?) is always a session highlight.

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