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Welcome to Summer$tock!

Earn Money While You Sleep

At Summer$tock® (for ages 14-18), you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to make financial planning and investment a part of your life.  You’ll identify your own goals and values and discover how these relate to your saving and investment options and strategies.

Games, role plays, case studies, and other fun activities will take the mystery out of Wall Street. Working in small investment club teams, you’ll learn how to select stocks, manage risk, and build a balanced portfolio that will help you reach your financial dreams.  And at the conclusion of the program, you and your team will present your portfolio to an audience of parents, investors and staff.

You’ll meet successful investors who share their investment successes – and mistakes – along the road to financial independence. And you’ll return home with a plan that will enable you to take charge of your life – in school, in business, and in the world.

At Summer$tock our approach is creative, unexpected and fun, with laughter an integral part of our learning activities. In addition, we balance the investment curriculum with recreational activities in the afternoon.  With full access to the athletic facilities at each site, you can enjoy swimming, volleyball and more – for example a golf clinic or a yoga session.  Evening programs may include a night of videos, an impromptu talent show, or a concert. An excursion to a nearby city or tourist attraction for sight-seeing and (fun, relaxation, other?) is always a session highlight.

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