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About Us

The IMI Vision: To help raise a new generation with skills that ensure financial self-reliance and well being, and values that support lives of purpose and passion.

Mission Statement: Independent Means strives to be the ultimate source of financial education and information.

The IMI Principles:

  • Financial competence is at the heart of true independence and self-reliance.

  • Financial education is economic self defense. An ability to make sound decisions throughout life requires basic skills and financial wisdom acquired through practice and experience.

  • Financial education is about character and values, not just the money. Mindful self-management of desires and values is essential to the stewardship of social, family, and capital assets.

  • Financial fluency begins in childhood and is a lifelong process, acquired through the iterative learning of the Ten Basic Money Skills.

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June 21-28
Camp $tart-Up for Girls, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

July 19-27
Camp $tart-Up for Boys & Girls, Clark University, Worcester, MA

July 27–August 2
Summer$tock for Boys & Girls, Clark University, Worcester, MA

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