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Financial Institutions

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Independent Means strives to be the ultimate financial education and information source for financial institutions and advisors, affluent families and family offices, and private schools.

Financial Institutions

Independent Means creates customized financial education programs for financial institutions, and delivers added-value seminars, newsletters, and more to financial advisors who want to rise above the commodity market of wealth advising.

  • Raising Financially Fit Kids seminars for high-net-worth potential and existing clients
  • Turnkey and custom subscriber packages for portfolio clients
  • Money$core™: financial-competency assessments for 5-to-25-year-olds
  • Presentations for 20-somethings, parents, and teens
  • Books, kits, support material
  • Online support
  • MoneyWise™ newsletter and MoneyWise Advisor™
  • Resource directory


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