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Welcome to MoneyGuy$!

Download the MoneyGuy$ Press Release (PDF)

Who are MoneyGuy$?

MoneyGuy$ are confident young men from all walks of life who have acquired and tools and business savvy to succeed in their chosen career path.

What happens at a MoneyGuy$ workshop?

MoneyGuy$ workshops (2, 4, or 8 hours in length) are experiential and engaging, covering topics such as entrepreneurship, personal finance, business ethics and philanthropy.

Sample workshops activities include:

  • MoneyGuy$ Self Assessment: Get Your MoneyGuy$ Score
  • Exploring the $tock Market
  • Product In A Box®: Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Credit ABC’s: Introduction to Responsible Credit Management
  • $tarting Out: Connecting Career and Lifestyle Choices
  • Burning Money Meter: Personal Exploration of One’s Values & Spending Habits
  • Charity Café: An Introduction to Philanthropy
  • MoneyGuy$ Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Quiz

A brief history of MoneyGuy$…

MoneyGuy$ was created in 2004, allowing Independent Means Inc (IMI) to serve the entire family market. Since 1992, IMI has built its reputation on its highly experiential financial education experiences for young women (DollarDivaTM) and adults (Raising Financially Fit KidsTM). MoneyGuy$ is a natural extension of the business. MoneyGuy$ workshops have been have been piloted in Santa Barbara, CA and are now ready for nationwide roll-out with products and programming including summer camps, retreats, and workshops, e-newsletters, books, games and assessments.

“The Independent Means’ approach reaches kids though their passions and interests, framing financial literacy as a tool rather than an end in itself,” MoneyGuy$ creator and IMI Vice President of Business Development Curt Direnzi explains. “Having an opportunity to explore financial skills and habits while learning how to start a business, launch a non-profit venture, create a diversified portfolio, or become a young philanthropist is what makes the IMI programs so appealing to young people.”

Contact Meghan Kerner at [email protected] or call 805-965-0475 for more information.

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The book: Raising Financially Fit Kids

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June 21-28
Camp $tart-Up for Girls, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

July 19-27
Camp $tart-Up for Boys & Girls, Clark University, Worcester, MA

July 27–August 2
Summer$tock for Boys & Girls, Clark University, Worcester, MA

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