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IMI in the News:


Business Week Online
"Financial Education for Teenagers"
"Lending the Well-Heeled a Hand"

PRNewswire-USNewswire- March 14, 2007
"Launch of New Summer Programs for young men."
"Boys Embarrassed to Ask for Financial Directions: Leading Finance Educator Provides Supportive Summer Environment "


Better Investing Magazine – April '04:
"Finessing Financial Fitness"
"A winner in both content and style, Raising Financially Fit Kids is a valuable enough for you to consider making it a required reading if you're trying to inspire your children to adopt financially repsonsible behavior."

- Angele McQuade

Baltimore Business Journal 3/26/04:
"Schools Take on Financial Literacy"

Washington Business Journal 3/26/04:
"Home Ec: Schools Promote Financial Literacy"

L.A. Parent March '04:
“Financial Literacy for Kids: Money Lessons Should Start Young ”
- Greg Keer

Horizon Magazine – March '04:
"Money Talks: Teaching children how to manage financial matters"
"Parents must remember that they are constantly competing with dancing chinos [pants]," says Joline Godfrey, author of Raising Financially Fit Kids. "If you don't talk to your children about money, somebody else will."
- Melissa Siig

The South Coast Beacon 2/26/04:
“Your Money:Fitness From the Start”
"Local financial guru Joline Godfrey's Raising Financially Fit Kids can help you help your children stay out of financial drain. This book is superb. Straightforward ideas, levelheaded goals and a clear program combine to provide a solid reference guide. Terrific writing, real-life examples and fascinating insights make it a great read"
- Lauren Roberts

The Times-Picayune 2/09/04:
Cash Money Kids
"Godfrey wrote her book for parents who either haven't broached such topics or who could stand a few pointers. Aimed at children from 5 to 18, the book (Raising Financially Fit Kids) looks at financial literacy as a developmental process, with skills to learn at every age." - Barri Bronston

Child Magazine 2/04:
Raising Money Smart Kids
– Pamela Kruger

Family Matters on 95.5FM (Cleveland/Akron) 1/31/04:
“Parents Learn to Teach Kids How to be Money Savy”
“Joline Godfrey, author of Raising Financially Fit Kids, will give parents the help they need to teach kids the skills to combat the pressure, use good judgment and lead a financially stable life."

Icicle Networks Radio 1/21/04:
Joline Godfrey, author of ‘Raising Financially Fit Kids
– Family Talk with Host Dr. Mike Riera

Syracuse Post-Standard 1/19/04:
Post-Holiday Book Giveaway is Guide for Good Parents
“Joline Godfrey has written a bright, engaging book called "Raising Financially Fit Kids” – Dee Klees

The Kansas City Star 1/18/04:
Teach Your Children to Say Thanks When They Receive Gifts
“Children's money author Joline Godfrey, in her new book Raising Financially Fit Kids, considers gratitude one of the basic money skills that kids need to master to become successful, secure adults” – Steve Rosen

CBS Early Morning Show 1/5/04:
Financially Fit Kids
“(CBS) Getting finances in order is at the top of many New Year's resolution lists. So why not expand that resolution to include teaching your children more about money? In her book, "Raising Financially Fit Kids," Joline Godfrey explains why it's so important and how to do it effectively. The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler reports”

New York Times 1/3/04:
“Business Schools Make a Pitch for Women”
”... It's a case of girls not knowing what they don't know," said Joline Godfrey, the chief executive of Independent Means, a company in Santa Barbara, CA” – Julia Lawlor

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