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Following the release of Joline Godfrey’s latest book, ‘Rai$ing Financially Fit Kids’, Independent Means Inc is offering a range of solutions for companies, organizations, schools, and families. Our multi-phased approach targets employees, clients, and communities alike to ensure generations of financially empowered kids and parents.

Corporate Services & Programs

  • Products and services designed specifically for giving wealth advisors the tools needed to ensure financial literacy and empowerment for clients and their families.
  • Enhance your companies benefit package by offering a comprehensive financial literacy program for employees and their families.

Parent Place

  • A place for parents, grandparents and money mentors concerned about raising financially stable, savvy, and empowered children ages 5-18. Here you will find tips, resources, programs and services that are both gender and age specific.

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The book: Raising Financially Fit Kids

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June 21-28
Camp $tart-Up for Girls, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

July 19-27
Camp $tart-Up for Boys & Girls, Clark University, Worcester, MA

July 27–August 2
Summer$tock for Boys & Girls, Clark University, Worcester, MA

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