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Raising Financially Fit Kids book  

Raising Financially Fit Kids
by Joline Godfrey

A parent’s guide to raising financially sophisticated children, from the founder and CEO of the leading provider of financial programs for kids and parents.
paperback , 256pp.

$19.95 plus shipping & handling
To order call 1-800-350-1816

20 Secrets Book

Twenty $ecrets to Money and Independence,
the Dollar Diva's Guide to Life

By Joline Godfrey
Most femmes are bound by a common quest: the pursuit of independence - while still being part of a family, a network of friends or a team at work. With a distinctive brand of inspiration and wisdom, Godfrey shares the 20 deepest $ecrets of independent women. She encourages readers to "love their weirdness," get loud, explore, use money to make statements, and make a difference.
hardcover, 242pp.

$12.95 plus shipping & handling
To order call 1-800-350-1816

Games & Activities
Hot Company Game

Hot Company® - The Money Game with Attitude!

Anyone who has ever dreamt of "being the boss" can experience the thrill of running a company and finding solutions that will lead to success, by playing this exciting new board game. Up to four people or four teams can play.Each is the "owner" of a hot new company. Roll the die, pick a card, and you're in business! The object of the game is to get your company to turn a profit and have a great time. Hot Company develops skills that work in the real world as well. Ages 12 to 92.

$29.95 plus shipping & handling
To order call 1-800-350-1816

Product in a Box™ Activity Kit
Designed for groups of 3-8 to experience the creative thrill of imagining and inventing a new product and business. Ages 8 to 80.

$18 plus shipping & handling
To order call

Biz Buzz™ Activity Card Set
Biz Buzz introduces the principles, language and key concepts of business through participation and imagination. This new series of eight activities will help you create a fun and effective learning experience. Ages 13 and up.

$25 plus shipping & handling
To order call

Biz Word™ Activity Set
Biz Word introduces the unique language of business and entrepreneurship. Fun, quick and easy to play, these six vocabulary games help players develop new language skills and a practical business vocabulary.

$25 plus shipping & handling
To order call

Moonjar Moneybox
Moonjar Moneyboxes

Finally, a product that offers children a visual, tactile tool for setting and reaching financial goals. Each Moonjar consists of 3 moneyboxes (spending, saving and sharing), a passbook to record deposits and withdrawals and a Moonjar elastic band to hold the assembled boxes together. For ages 7 and up.

$6.95 plus $3.50 for shipping and handling.
To order call 1-800-350-1816


An Introduction to Entrepreneurship
for High School Women
This kit includes: Product in a Box, a six session curriculum, a copy of the Hot Company board game, the Biz Word and Biz Buzz Activity Cards and the Women Who Dare video. With these tools, young women will discover how to make a job, not just take a job!

$129.95 plus shipping & handling
To order call 1-800-350-1816

DollarDiva Dream Kit Kit DollarDiva Dream and Do Kit

Channel your entrepreneurial talents! This all-in-one kit includes everything you will need to take an idea and turn it into an enterprise. Whatever your inspiration may be, (music, design, animals, technology, or dance,) transform those dreams into reality by taking the first step: writing a killer business plan. This interactive Kit will guide you through each step of the creative process.
The Dream and Do Kit includes:
  • The DollarDiva Business Plan Guide: 60 page practical guide
  • CD ROM containing four winning teen business plans
  • The DollarDiva Bookmark
  • Entry form for the DollarDiva National Business Plan Competition for Teens
  • Hardcover copy of Joline Godfrey's latest book, 20 $ecrets: The DollarDiva's Guide to Life.
$29.95 plus shipping and handling To order call 1-800-350-1816

Without copy of 20 $ecrets:
$21.95 plus shipping and handling
To order call 1-800-350-1816

More Books
No More Frogs to Kiss Book

No More Frogs to Kiss:
99 Ways to Give Economic Power to Girls
Joline Godfrey, HarperCollins, 1995.

$13.95 plus shipping & handling
To order call 1-800-350-1816

New Moon Money Book

New Moon Money Book
from New Moon Publishing
A book written by girls for girls, New Moon Money shows how money and work, both paid and volunteer, can be sources of power and independence - not to mention entertaining, fascinating, and fun! Girls share their experiences and advice on raising money, ways to spend and save responsibly, and how to discover your dreams through work.
paperback, 85pp.

$10.00 plus shipping & handling
To order call 1-800-350-1816

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The book: Raising Financially Fit Kids

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